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References for James Esterman

433 Colby Hall
Hutchinson University
Hutchinson, IL 60353

Dr. Pat Wombat
Professor of Psychology
Hutchinson University
Hutchinson, IL 60353

Dr. Wombat was my supervisor in
the Human Subjects Research Lab.

Dr. Chris Murphy
Professor of Biology
Hutchinson University
Hutchinson, IL 60353

Dr. Murphy was my professor in
Biology 425: Special Research Projects.

Mr. Michael McCollins
Project Director
The Acme Corporation
112221 Main Street
Hutchinson, IL 60353

Mr. Murphy supervised my internship
at the Acme Corporation.

Ms. Sonia Ramirez
The Rasmussen Corporation
1192 Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60105

Ms. Ramirez supervised my co-op
experience at the Rasmussen Corporation.

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