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General Resume Tips

Employers often receive more than 100 resumes each day; they skim each of these in 7 to 15 seconds. In order to catch a prospective employer's attention and fuel his or her interest in you as a potential employee, refer to the following tips. Remember, most resumes end up buried in a file cabinet or wind up in the "circular file." So invest your time in developing an eye-appealing and informative resume that sells your skills and gets your foot in the door for an interview.

Eye Appealing

Because resumes are read quickly, appearance is very important. Resumes should be designed so that layout is inviting and information very easy to locate. To accomplish this, you should


Information in resumes is carefully selected to convince prospective employers that you have the necessary qualification for the position you're seeking. The following categories of information are normally presented in the order given. However, as job applicants gain more experience, the experience section is normally moved before the education section.

Notice that no personal information section is included. Prospective employers cannot ask about your age, marital status, or health; therefore, they're nervous if you provide this sort of information. In other words, no personal information should be included on your resume.

General Cover Letter Tips are also available.

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