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Cover Letter Format

General Guidelines for Cover Letter Format

Your cover letter ought to be set up in standard business letter format, including the following parts in the order listed:

Spacing and Margins

Your Return Address and Signature Block

Your return address and the signature block can be flush with either the left or the right margins. But be consistent: if you put one on the left, put both there.

If you line up both address and signature block with the left margin, you'll probably want your paragraphs to be flush left too. This is a more modern form -- and also lets you fit more on the page. This can sometimes help if your letter is running to a second page. Most prospective employers prefer one-page cover letters.

The following sample cover letter formats are available:

General Cover Letter Tips are also available.

More general information -- General ResumeTips -- offers an overview of resume writing, includingexplanations of the major areas on a resume, writing tips, and sampleresumes.

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