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APA Periodicals

Examples of how to document the most common types of periodicals are illustrated in this document. However, you might need to use a reference for a source which is not listed on this document.

In such a case, refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. (2001). (5th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Choose the example that is most like your source and follow that format.


Harris, R. D., & Lundstrom, W. (1975). Language learning of a

gorilla. Linguistic Abstracts, 4, 306.

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Annually published periodical

Scott, Susanne. (1981). Self-worth and social acceptance. Annual Review of

Social Issues, 37, 124-137.

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Entire issue of a journal

Richmond, Elizabeth (Ed.). (1992). Humor and the right hemisphere. Journal

of Social Anthropology, 17(6).

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Journal article

Beaty, J. C., J. N. Cleveland, & K. R. Murphy. (2001). The relation between

personality and contextual performance in "strong" versus "weak" situations.

Human Performance, 14(2): 125-148.

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Magazine article

Melymuka, K. (2001, April 30). Profiting from mistakes. Computerworld, 42.

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Newsletter article

Gay, Gavriel. (1995, Winter). No one here but us plagiarists. The Writing

Center, 14, 16-22.

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Newspaper article

Barr, S. (2001, July 10). Pay rates not so special to employees who feel

left behind. The Washington Post, p. B02.

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Translated article

Straub, F. C. (1989). Human memory and cognition. Cahiers de

Psychologie Cognitive, 8(50), 133-152.

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