Village Drum

Whispering in the wind
I hear my Uppa sing to the beat of his drum
laughter encircles this vision
Unity of our people
sharing one unique knowledge.

Village drum, a heartbeat of life
singing in rejoice.
Familiar voices and faces that now are gone
the soul of our ancestral freedom captured through time
rhythm within the dancers
Unity of our People.

Our story is told in its own way
each beat captures our way of life.
A memory in time captured by the thoughts
once upon the children's laughter.

As a tear rolls down my cheek, I see a reflection of the past
Ancestors interwoven through the dream of life
midnight rainbows dance through the air
stones turn into flowers
rain falling washes away our evil thoughts
snow refreshes life.

In a memory my culture lies
through society it slowly dies
they leave no room for it
but push it aside
they do not understand the meaning it holds
The winds know, they tell you so,
but you do not take time to listen.

Through our ignorance the wisdom we have fades.
Mysteries unknown remain unsolved
the treasure it holds erodes away
The beat of the village drum fades into time
My culture is delicate like a burning candle
whose flame is low and wick is small
gradually burning down until there's nothing left
Where's its light?
Where's its knowledge?
Where's its path and wisdom?
Defused into the dream of life
there is a legend imprinted in my mind.
Village drum, a heartbeat of life,
whisper through the winds.

by Corrine Sutton

© 1998 Kaleidoscope

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