Good Morning Little One

She separated me
as my classmates watched me leave,
I came to the new school
a public school.
She asked me to walk in the sunlight.
I remember
the glass
it was clean and clear.
The courtyard
the playground had no children
I remember
her saying, "keep still."
She touched my hair with thin plastic gloves.
She touched my ear
and looked into my eyes.
I was silent.
New treatment
        New welcome
I did not know what she looked for.
I asked
"Lice. Lice," she said.
A small child frozen into the red granite steps.
I watched as she tried to crush my spirit.
"I can't find any . . . " she muttered.
She smelled the scented strands within her fingers.
The huge hands enveloped my black unbraided hair.
The pale ribbons on the floor, watched in horror.
Her face held madness there in the sunlight.

I remember my peace.
I remember
her anger
as she stripped off the gloves
and welcomed me.

by Lupita C. Saucedo

© 1998 Kaleidoscope

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