I. 16th Century

As women we are used to easy power;
Our tears and smiles we cultivate since birth.
As many men as are locked in our tower
Are the calculation of our worth.
But your chief tools, my daughter, are your eyes;
To paint them dark is to enhance the charm.
Whatever you can steal from men with lies
Is what you've rightly won by your own arm.
To be the serpent while you act the dove,
To drag your dress and drag your eyes around,
Is the mystery that holds you high above
The sex that tries to drag us witches down.
      So make him want you; give him what he craves.
      Our masters never know that they are slaves.

II. 21st Century

In black boots I go out driving
Short hair sharp around my face
Boys let's see you catch me now
We have become the super-race

Why not make a game of sex
Might let you catch up with me
Like I do with all the rest
A boy's a sorry thing to be

I grabbed you by the tail-pipe
As you came smoking by
Grabbed you by your collar
Boy you shook as I let fly

Yes danger, girl, is where it's at
Bitch power is its own reward
And though you may feel like a toy

Toys rarely get ignored

by Clare Frohrip

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