Coordinator's Note

Kaleidoscope Coordinator's Note

This summer as I traveled through southern England and viewed sites - London, Canterbury, Plymouth, Tintagel, Gloucester - whose history and legends permeated my childhood, I was struck by the differences between the England of 1996 and the England I had seen twenty years ago - particularly differences in the people. I saw a myriad of peoples - from Lebanon, Thailand, India, the Ivory Coast - and saw multiple languages printed above restaurants and groceries, the languages of people who obviously were not simply touring the country as I was, but who were living and working there. And I was reminded of the increasing need to hear the stories and histories of all of these people, not just those of my own ancestors, as the world becomes smaller and our populations become more diverse.

Publications like Kaleidoscope encourage the sharing of histories and stories from various cultures. With this awareness, we are proud to present the seventh volume of Kaleidoscope, SCSU's multicultural literary magazine. The publication of this volume brings with it two changes. First, beginning with this issue, Kaleidoscope is available online as well as in print. As time allows, we will add earlier issues of the publication to this website.

Second, with this issue, Kaleidoscope has officially become a fall publication. We will still collect submissions throughout the academic year, with a deadline in early April. And we will continue to judge the submissions and notify authors, artists, and photographers whether or not their work has been accepted before school comes to an end in the spring. But instead of rushing to print during spring quarter and distributing the magazine when students are leaving campus at the end of the year, we will produce the magazine during the summer so that it's ready for distribution when students return to campus in the fall. We believe this new publication schedule will allow maximum time for students, staff, and faculty to submit their work; we also believe the new schedule will provide adequate time for producing a quality publication and ensure widespread circulation of the magazine.

In producing Kaleidoscope this year, we are, as always, indebted to many people. First, the Write Place staff acknowledges SCSU's Cultural Diversity Committee continued funding of the magazine - funding that has allowed us to produce seven issues of this multicultural publication. Secondly, we thank Kaleidoscope's judges and production staff for contributing their time and expertise. In particular, we thank Heidi Gomez and Jessie Lourey for designing the layout and editing the print copy of the magazine. We also thank Sue Peterson for typing and adding preliminary coding to the hypertext version of the publication and Carrie Jean Schroeder for developing the electronic design and final coding. And finally, we honor the many students, staff, and faculty who submitted their work for consideration. Without the high quality of their submissions, this publication would not be possible.

Judith Kilborn, Kaleidoscope Coordinator


The criteria used for judging are two: the quality of the writing or visual and the appropriateness of the piece given the magazine's multicultural theme. Judges are unaware of the identities of writers, photographers, and artists during the review process and may not vote on their own submissions. Entries receiving the most votes are selected for publication.


Staff and faculty currently employed by SCSU and students enrolled part- or full-time during the submission period are eligible to submit their work. Entries from people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged.

Submission Guidelines

To be accepted for publication, submissions must be of high quality, must match the magazine's multicultural theme, and must follow these guidelines:

Essays - maximum two submissions with 3,000 word maximum length each
Poetry - maximum five submissions with two pages maximum per poem
Short Stories - maximum of two submissions totaling 3,000 words each
Artwork and Photography - maximum five submissions; black and white photos and drawings preferred

For more information, contact the Write Place, Riverview 118, (320) 255-2031.

This magazine is funded through a St. Cloud State University
(St. Cloud, Minnesota) Cultural Diversity Committee allocation.
Contributors retain all rights to their work. ©1996 Kaleidoscope. Write Place. Volume 7.


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