Kaleidoscope Contributors

Kaleidoscope Contributors

Kara K. Bichler graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She hopes to wed this degree with her love of geography by pursuing a career in writing travelogues.

Armand Falk retired spring quarter, 1996, from his position as a professor of American literature and creative writing. He spent two years teaching American literature in West Africa.

Tim Frohrip graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1996. He is currently working on his Master of Arts degree at SCSU.

Cheryl Garama is a graduate student in Applied Economics. Her poem was inspired by a friend's grandmother who was one of Mengele's "twins."

Heidi Gomez is a 1995 graduate of SCSU and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in English there.

John Grether is a graduate student in the Teaching English as a Second Language program. Photographs of the People's Republic of China were taken during a study of the Four Modernizations in January, 1982.

Steve Klepetar teaches literature and writing. He is the recipient of a Central Minnesota Arts Board Individual Artist Grant for a poetry project involving his family history and the Holocaust. "The Cat Woman of Oederan" comes from the manuscript he is working on for that project.

Bill Meissner is the director of Creative Writing. His 1994 Hitting Into the Wind, published by Random House, is coming out in paperback the spring or summer of 1997.

Cynthia Moe is pursuing a Master of Arts degree in English and hopes to graduate in the spring of 1997. Besides poetry, she enjoys writing plays, songs, short stories, and screenplays. Cynthia lives on a horse farm in Brainerd, Minnesota, with her husband and three children.

Carol Mohrbacher finished her Master of Arts degree in English in the spring of 1996. She plans to teach at a community college. Carol's work has been published in "Sidewalks," "Poetry Motel: An Anthology of Minnesota Writers," and "In Other Words."

Lindsay Nelson is a senior majoring in English education. She is looking forward to her wedding in December and her graduation in the spring. Lindsay's favorite hobby is travelling, but she also likes camping, sailing, and biking.

Christie Olstad is a graduate student in Teaching English as a Second Language at SCSU.

Darwin Pagnac graduated in the winter of 1996 with degrees in both English and Philosophy. While an undergraduate, he travelled to Costa Rica in SCSU's Study Abroad Program. He is currently doing his graduate work at Oklahoma State University.

Jennifer Richason is a senior pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in history and secondary education. She writes in her spare time and hopes to always do so.

Irene Voth is a former high school teacher from North Dakota who recently finished her Master of Arts degree. She loves to travel and write poetry. "Chicago" resulted from her trolley tour of the Windy City during the summer of 1995.

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