I See Aztlán

Rex Veeder

    Editor's Note: Aztlán is the homeland of the Chicano/a people. Geographically, it is located somewhere in the Southwestern United States.

I see Aztlán coming to us
offering a brilliant life.
Viva reconciliation of our many selves.

Aztlán, land of profusion,
you are a celebration
coming to all people, and we welcome you.

When we visit your mountain
we grow younger with every step;
a jaguar gently licks our faces.
Aztlán, home with the seven caves,
you are the Chicano festival.
You are a homeland become a people.
Tell everyone, Comaradas,
"Visit La Raza and visit Aztlán."

Within your house we are all stronger.
White herons mix with our many colored children.
The sun is our flesh
and morning light
enfolds us from four directions,
singing an canción.

A celebration. Viva, Chicano.
You are bright birds.
Ah, Chuco,
murals rumble in your blood and
La Raza bursts up in art.
In your frescos
many races embrace and proclaim
a revolution of wonder and possibility.
Delight thunders and
drums say, "Enough of sour faces
and the practice of hate."
Mestizo and Mestiza dream into our world.
La Corazón opens our senses
to copal, sage and cedar,
to simmering green birds and salmon red rocks
and the smell of picoñes.
Here, no evil may enter.
The arroyos of our doubt
fill with cleansing rain
and the desert erupts again with life's festivity.
In the barrio

vatos comprehend their jumping machines
are alive
with the sting of bright colors and
the earth resonates with metal and the music
of red chile and blue corn.
The world embraces color like a lover.

My friends, teach us to celebrate our many faces.
When you come from the mountain of Aztlán
to the llano, to las calles,
brilliant, feathered dancers
mingle with booming machines
and you ride the brink of a dream
that is always becoming
la gente.

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