This Society

Hedy Bruyns-Tripp

I am woman.
From the earth I draw my strength
I am a strong woman
Nine times have I been with child--
Yet only three survived.

Yet I always question --
Did I have the right to even bring them into
This society?

A society so wracked with racism:
That the Asian honey-gold to rich African chocolate
Of my children's skin
Can be the target of hate.

That my black man-child
will face the fears that only the
Black man knows in this society.

A society so ingrained with sexism:
That my strong-willed daughters
will continually batter down the
Arrogance of Man.

A society so blinded with homophobia
That my children may feel they have to protect
Their Friends ...
or even Themselves.

This society is so full of -isms.

Copyright 1995 Kaleidoscope. Write Place. Volume 6.
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